Facial Gua Sha

Skincare has been an ever-evolving challenge in my life. Starting around middle school, the acne came out in full force and I tried just about every product on the market to get rid of it. When nothing seemed to work and all I was left with were benzoyl peroxide stained pillow cases and completely dried out skin, I figured it was something I’d just have to grow out of. That never happened. But I did figure out what I’d been doing wrong for all those years.

Instead of stripping my face of all moisture, I needed to be doing the opposite. In my mind, moisture was the enemy. Oil = breakouts. Why would I put more oil on my face? Wasn’t I trying to get rid of it? I’m really glad I’ve grown wiser with age because that was all wrong.

One tool that’s a complete game changer is the gua sha. You might have already heard of it since it dates back to 220 CE and isn’t a new thing, but I’m new to using it. Not to mention, jade tools (especially rollers) are having a moment right now. I’ll admit, I didn’t understand how rubbing a rock on my face would help do anything, but my facialist recommended I try it, and I’m willing to try anything.

Using a Trader Joe’s rose oil (it’s $6!!) and a gua sha I got on Amazon, I followed this YouTube tutorial and was instantly hooked. Not only does the gua sha tool promote lymphatic drainage and help with dry and acne-prone skin, but it also reduces wrinkles and makes your skin brighter, dewy and lifted. It actually made my skin look YOUNGER. Also, I challenge anyone to get through a full gua sha facial massage without ending up in an ultra-relaxed, mildly hypnotized state. It’s seriously sooo relaxing.

Have a great week, everyone!

Real talk: I want to point out that I am not a trained skincare specialist, merely an enthusiast. I wanted to share products and techniques that have been working for me in the hopes of inspiring you all to try new things. Please consult with a dermatologist or an aesthetician if you need professional help with extreme skin conditions. Everyone is different, and that includes skin!

Editor: Lindsey Scanlon

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