Favorite Area Rug Finds

What I love about area rugs is their ability to completely transform a room. When moving into our new place, I didn’t realize just how brown our living room would be. Brown couch, brown coffee table, brown Moroccan pouf, brown wood floor. I love brown, and I especially love including a lot of natural wood in my home decor, but this was too much! Instead of replacing any of our furniture, I shopped around online and found this area rug on Amazon. Two days later it arrived (gotta love that Prime) and just like that, the whole feeling of the room changed. It was no longer a sea of shades of brown, but it was light and bright and so cozy.

Shopping online for a rug can be challenging, but don’t sweat! I’ve compiled a bunch of my favorites to make things a little easier for you. Check out the links below:

Neutral Geometric: Moroccan Blythe Area Rug / Pointillist Geo Rug / Isidora Tufted Rug / Ivory & Black Rug

Bohemian: Juliol Rug / Winnie Printed Rug / Flatwoven Maylan Rug / Badia Rug

Abstract & Modern: Shugart Sealife Area Rug / Brilliant Poppies Area Rug / Abstract Geometry Rug

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