Spring Bridal Style

Photo by Saribekyan Arthur

Spring has sprung! I love this time of year and was a spring bride, myself. There’s no shortage of floral options, venues look beautiful coming to life with the new season, and every designer has a spring collection, so there’s plenty to choose from! It was honestly hard to narrow these down, but here are some of my favorite bridal dresses, shoes, and accessories for the spring season:

Valera Gown / Geneva Gown / Milano Gown / Lange Gown / Naomi Gown / Peoria Gown

Capricorn Dress / Corella Gown / Bluma Gown

Brooklyn Dress / Juliette Dress

Coco Gown / Bianca & Carla 2-Piece Dress / Bianca 2-Piece Dress

Felicity Gown / Freida Gown / Cold-Shoulder Gown

Rosey Dress / Minerva Dress / Battista Dress

Waterfall Comb / Rosabelle Hairpins / Danvielle Veil / Sabrina Circlet / Abbington Combs / Jardinia Hairpins / Phillipa Comb / Cambrai Veil

Zadie Heels / Simone Sandals / Yaro Sandals / Harriet Wilde Dahlia Heels / Billie Heels / Sadie Block Heels / Addie Heels / Fey Pumps / Elvie Heels

Are you planning a spring wedding? You can find even more inspiration on my Pinterest board.

Happy Spring!

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