Weekend Wardrobe

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a happy weekend. Zach and I flew out to California to spend the weekend with my parents, something I've done most Easters since going off to college. We don't really celebrate the holiday apart from the occasional egg dyeing, but it's a really nice time of year to get together as a family.
My parents moved to Solvang a few years ago and it's always such a fun getaway when we make it out there. There's no shortage of great farm to table food, incredible wine from local vineyards and, oh yeah, it just happened to be gorgeous from all the rain last month. The hills were bright orange from all the poppies, but don't worry, I didn't crush them just to get the gram 🙄 Zach pointed out some really pretty poppies in a neighbor's front yard and they were kind enough to let me sit in an open patch, so no flowers were harmed! 
With the weather warming up and weekend getaways starting to fill up people's calendars, I thought it would be fun to share what I packed for our 4 day / 3 night trip. Zach and I shared a checked bag to cut down on travel costs, so using the space efficiently was key. I tend to pack within a color palette on trips like this so I can mix and match pieces and reware things. That's a big help to free up bag space. 
One of my favorite new items is this bag by Folk Fortune that I got at Madewell. It's so cute for spring and handmade in Bali, which I love. It's also pretty compact, so it travels well. 
Here are some of the key pieces I brought with me, with links to everything I packed below!
Sweaters & Outerwear: Oversized Sweater / Schrute Farms SweatshirtCorduroy Jacket (unfortunately it's sold out now, but I found it for sale on Poshmark) 
Have a great week!

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