Year of the Dahlia

Step aside, peonies! Dahlias are the wedding flower of 2019. These bright, fun flowers are making a comeback at the perfect time when our Pantone Color of the Year is the equally bright Living Coral. With over 40 different species of dahlia available in practically every color except blue, your options will feel endless. And can I just say I think it’s the happiest looking flower ever? It beams pure joy, which is pretty fitting for your wedding day!

The peak bloom time for dahlias is fall, but don’t worry if you’re having a spring or summer wedding! Dahlias have a long bloom season, typically from May through November, so more than likely you’ll be able to find them for your big day. I recommend checking with local florists to see when dahlias are in bloom in your area.

Another cool thing about dahlias is they come in a wide range of sizes, the smallest being two inches in diameter (around the size of a golf ball) and the largest one foot in diameter (or “dinner plate” size). This makes them incredibly versatile not only within your bouquet, but for ceremony and reception decor as well.

Bright pinks and oranges not your thing? Don’t worry. Dahlias come in some of the most gorgeous, moody colors imaginable. And their architectural florets* in a dark hue are the perfect complement to your sophisticated, modern, or industrial style wedding.

*Today I Learned: The head of each dahlia is covered in florets, not petals, which are considered individual flowers in their own right. So your one dahlia stem doesn’t just have one flower on top, but dozens!

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